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Our Story

The smartest café ever!

For years together the common tea shop has been a haven to those who have sudden hunger pangs. Their offering have not changed, but never the less was sufficient to satiate the hunger, despite the lack of hygienic standards, and not mention the dust and the cacophony of a busy street atmosphere.

Can we make a difference in this mini-hunger space? Can we offer a menu that's different from the chai shops and the bakeries? Can we price it affordably? can we beat the Mini-hunger?

These questions challenged us and very soon in the year 2021 the 1BY2 Foods, the new age fast casual was born!

We tried and trialled many menu models. And finally arrived on a menu model that is uniquely different and consistently evolving. The choice of the menu has the influence of pan Asian cuisines, rich Mediterranean recipes, romantic Italian flavours and not to mention the robust smoky flavours of New York. Added to these, we exclusively created more than half a dozen exotic dips, that cut the monotony of BBQ and Mayo sauce!

Then we created a typical outlet equipped with latest technology relevant and removed the dependency on a chef or fire.

To standardise taste with consistent production we invested on creating our own 10,000 sq.ft state-of-the-art production facility.

With more than 10 outlets established the feedback from our clients have been very positive and very encouraging. Armed with this, we know we are all geared to beat the mini hunger in India and the world!

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Our Production Facility

A 10,000 sq.ft. state-of-the-art facility manned by more than 25 member team. It houses advanced cooking, packaging and storage solutions to ensure the food is safe and hygienic.

Evolving Menu

Our team of professionals who constantly curate new menus that are out-of-ordinary and a pleasure to your tastebuds. The recipes are a fusion of west and the east with light touch of Indie.

Delivery at your doorstep

When you place your order from here, we deploy a delivery system that ensures the food you ordered with us is freshly prepared and delivered at your office or home. Not to mention a special savings that comes with it as well.

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1by2 - Foods
  • Velachery

Happy faces at Velachery outlet launch

That was a moment captured when our whole team at the Velachery outlet shared exciting snaps and treated each other after a successful launch.

  • 1by2 - Foods
  • Sathuvachari

Happy moments of our cafe inauguration at Sathuvachari

This moment was caught at Sathuvachari during the successful launch of the outlet.

  • 1by2 - Foods
  • Vadapalani

Happy Outlet launch at Vadapalani

Sharing few memories of our Vadapalani outlet inauguration. That's the snap of a moment being enjoyed!